Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday! Nov 7th

Almost everybody is bored today, because yesterday was Sunday, because there's nothing on the TV, some people like myself are sick, I caught the flu, so I went to see a doctor today, so yay for me I'm going to feel better in a week or so. Anyway, looks like it's a bored day around the world too, because the most important events are about Commemorations like Commemoration Day (The anniversary of Ben Ali's succession) in Tunisia, October Revolution Day in modern Russia, the National Revolution and Solidarity Day in Bangladesh and the National Day in Northern Catalonia (I need to get a map)

Maybe the whole world is still hungover because of Halloween... At least, I am. See you on Wednesday, looks like a pretty more intesting day.


  1. I'm still hung over from Halloween party till hardly felt! :D

  2. i hate monday cause it's the beggining of the week an yeah im have still to recover from all the over-hidratation from the weekend :p