Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday 16th Tolerance Day!

Today is sort of a happy day. I finished all my terms and they went great! So I think those are good news. On the other side, today's the International Day of Tolerance! This day is an annual observance declared by UNESCO in 1995  (Oh, btw... UNESCO was founded today but in 1945 so doing the math is was declared by celebrating their 50th anniversary)

Also, today's the Stonian Day of Declaration of Sovereignity and the Icelandic Language day (They haver their own day to celebrate their language, I totally have to learn this. And norwegian, I don't know why am I obsessed with Norway.)

So... Have a nice tolerance days people! I'm celebrating with a really juicy steak because I can't drink today but... cheers! Happy belly button of the week


  1. Lol random facts but I feel like I just got smarter

  2. Are we smart and tolerable and upstanding individuals?

    Nice one, dude.

  3. Norway is a pretty cool place. Aahahah get it? Cool place.

    ... :(