Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 7

Here' the story so far, I met a single girl at the mall, we started dating, we kiss, I ask her to be my girlfriend, and she tells me she's not ready because "we don't know each other enough"...

Two days later after we dated I had nothing to do so I was on the Internet the whole day, usual stuff, Facebloop, tWierdtter, IM and Ventrilo, I was wasting my time, so I decided to check her wall at facebloop, I came across her Metroflag wall, a site where you upload a picture and post something, like a blog, but reaaaally less interesting, in the latest post she was posting about how happy she was with her boyfriend and how she was happy about getting back together. I was crushed, like really down, not upset tough just sad.

So I was deciding to don't IM her, don't post on her wall, nothing. But I was so sad and crushed so I sent her a private message with an embed song and telling her that she lied to me saying she was single and how bad I felt about that but wishing her luck with her boyfriend and so. Before I knew all this like a couple weeks early she introduced me a friend, he worked at the mall too, and every time I passed by his stand, he was on a laptop and doing nothing so, I told him I'd like a job like his, but I was busy planning a huge event at a club, this event would be on April and time was short.

After a while few days I didn't see her at the mall, so I asked this guy where could I find her, he told me she was fired, and she was looking for a job. All I could think about was "Karma is acting" but I just was being selfish.

This isn't the end yet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 6

So, where were we? ... Right, the answer. I asked her out that Wednesday for a coffee, so she could tell me if she was going to be my girlfriend.

We arrived to the mall on wednesday evening. I just was there to get my answer, I already knew it was a Friggin' YES, a HELL YES, why? the way she talked to me on IM told me. But guess what? Well, we were talking and then I told her if she did have my answer. She got serious and told me "I don't know. I like you but We really don't know each other" I was thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Isn't a relationship is to know each other?" I was trying to calm down my mind, and I did. Told her to not worry, I could wait, we could get to know each other better. Just because she wanted to know each other, I stayed with her, we finished our coffee and went to the my college campus, there's a nice lonely fine grass over there, so we could rest and chitchat a little longer... AND I'LL BE DAMNED, we kissed again, really long kissed, we were hugging and such.

Some time later, she told me something that upset me, can't recall what, but I was mad, not exploding and killing people mad, just a little. We went to a theather in downtonw to watch a movie in a Film Congress or something, we didn't like the movie and left. She had to go, so I took her to the bus stop. We were still talking about how bad the movie was, when her bus came by, she lip kissed me and she left.

I was really confused, like upside-down confuse. But I wouldn't stop right now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 5

March was beginning, this was our third date. I took her to drink an afternoon coffee, it was pretty hot outside so we were drinking frappé. We spend a couple of hours at Italian's Coffee, I didn't have anything to do later, so I asked her to take her to the park and keep talking, she agreed, this park was really close to the mall so we went walking. As we laid down on the grass we were talking nonsense things, we were having fun, and we started to stare at each other, she knew I was hitting on her, I knew she was hitting on me, and because I knew she was single I got the courage to kiss her. It was a long kiss, a really sweet one, a half an hour one. Then I asked, not because of the kiss, well... maybe it was, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and then we got serious, she was looking for excuses like "We know each other so few" "We have dated just three times" and a couple more. I told her she shouldn't worry, I'd wait as long as she told me to... and GOD ALMIGHTY THANK YOU, her mom called, she had to leave, Phew... I just avoided bullet, a huge awkward silence.

That night I was Skypeing with my mom, about some excell things she was working on, yes, I'm my family's tech support, I was busy and then, outofnowhere an IM tab started to blink, I was thinking "What the heck? Who could that be?" She was on Messenger, cool, let's talk to her, I don't care I'm on Skype. Long story short, she told me she had an aswer to my question, when she was about to tell me I stopped her, told her these things shouldn't be told by IM... Later I felt dumb about this, find out why tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 4

I thought I was falling in love, but I'll be damned, it was too soon, I'd just talked to her like 4 times, so by know I should wait, at least, that morning got her number, her facebook, and her IM. I remember we talked about movies, there was this talking about The Rite, but I told her I hadn't seen it, our date was on Sunday, and on Tuesday that week, something really strange happend....

That Tuesday I was surfing the internet just like every Tuesday... well, just like everyday, I'm on my pc like 5 hours a day. So I was on my facebook when suddenly out of nowhere a facebook's IM windows pop-up, I've never liked this IM so I was about to close it when I read then name, I was preeeeetty surprised, like when you're watching a predictable horror movie and they're about to open a door and you say: "Meh, the killer isn't in  there" and they don't open that door, i was that surprised, so I opened the IMbox and talked to her a while, she asked me out to the movies, I was like when you see your favorite football team score a point to win the game, so I was ok, We agreed to go out next day, on Wednesday movies are cheaper, it was our second date, so I really didn't try any "move", also, I wanted to watch the movie. We laughed, we talked and I took her to her home, it was a nice day... maybe too good.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 3

So.... now i knew her name, and the way she smiled at me on valentine was like drinking a cup of hot cocoa on a winter night. Everything was going great, at school we started to organize a welcome event for the new semesters at a Club, we were promoting a beauty contest to get more people. And everything was going fine.

One of those days were you think you can actually do everything, we went to eat at McDonald's in the food court. This girl didn't work at McDonal'ds, she worked at a steak house stand, and it was way too far. I didn't mind, I was already there, so why wouldn't I go ask her for a coffee? well, there are many reasons, reasons I realized later like: She was at work, she was being watched, and so on. I didn't care and that moment, so I just went to her stand, once more, and the only thing I remember was me asking her for a coffee, I WAS WRONG, I know it, I shouldn't do it, why would you ask someone for a coffee when you barely know her? When I realized this I thought she was going to deny it, but Oh Sweet Surprise! She agreed.

We had our coffee that sunday, i asked her out on friday. This was going pretty fast and I hadn't breaks, talking to her was the most amazing thing ever, she liked my music, she liked my movies, and so on, and I'm not a mainstream person, but don't get me wrong, I'm not a hipster either. She was almost perfect, maybe too much, she was single, I couldn't belive this. We were talking like 3 hours or so. When I checked my clock, It was already 14:00 and she had work to do, so I went with her and we kissed on the cheek. From here, I knew what I was doing, I was going to make her my girlfriend, no matter what, I liked her too much.

And the plot thickens

Friday, August 26, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 1

After realizing how dumb I am, thanks to a fellow blogger. I'm posting the first part of my last love story which I was editing and didn't post because I'm clumsy. I Hope you enjoy it:

"I'm not a bad person, well... maybe just a little.

I'm pissed because it's raining, don't get me wrong I love rainy days, but not this one because I can't get of my house. Meanwhile, I'm going to tell you a love story, a bit wierd, a bit fun, a bit too mine.
Everything began on this year's february, days were flying then. I was beggining my semester at college and everything was mostly.... gray. My daily routines were.... well, routines. I woke up, went to school, go back home, sleep, sometimes after school some friends and I would go to the mall, and these times, were pretty cool. One of those days at the mall, I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, well at least working at any food court, and I liked her, like... really really liked her. Yet I didn't do anything, it was like "Oh cool, a cute girl *keeps eating* yeah, she's nice"

Days kept going and Valentine's day was coming to town, I prefer to call it Merchandise day, I think it fits better. It wasn't valentine's yet when I decide to pass by her stand and ask for their menu, she smiled at me and let me take one. I wasn't really interested on the menu, I wanted to talk to her, so I thanked, and I was about to leave and before I turned back to my friends, I told her how beautiful she was. She blushed and thanked me..."

This was the first unposted part, this story is going to be a little long, I hope you're liking it, and if you do, come back to see what happens

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 2

After she thanked me, I went back to my friends, They laughed and I laughed too, because I wasn't really up to something. I just wanted to show them I did have balls, because none of them wanted to stand up and talk to her, not even a single word.

Days kept passing and when I passed by the food court I waved, and she waved back, I still didn't know her name so I was going to get it on Valentine's Day and February 14th finally arrived. The only present I bought was a red flower, it was for her, I went to the food court and she was talking to her manager. I decided to wait a few minutes, but the guy didn't leave. So I went to that stand and asked the manager if I could talk to her a few moments. I gave her the flower and asked her name, her name was so frigging beautiful to my ears, then I told her I had been thinking about her. She smiled and I left. Everything went better than I expected... but the story still goes on.

See you soon.

Failing School

I truly like my schedule, I'm in school like 4 hours a day and it's fun, the bad part is when i have to wake up before 6 am to get to school on time, my first class begins at 7am

We began this semester, like three weeks ago, and I arrived at 7am like... 6 times out of 10. The worse part is: This teacher is counting absences, and in the fisrt day she said "4 absences and you're out." I guess I'm failing this subject.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three hurtful words

I was talking to some of my friends on a ventrilo server and someone then said "Three hurtful words: I am pregnant" and we all laughed so we all started to make our three hurting words and we got a little list. Here it is

Three Hurtful Words

-Justify your answer
-I am underage
-I am gay
-Well, just kidding
-In your face
-You are creepy
-Just kill yourself
-Yours is tiny
-I've done better
-I dislike you
-Gotta be kidding
-You are out

And the list goes on, It was a fun day.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All the hate in the world

Yesterday, dammit, yesterday was an OK night... I've got this friend, a while ago, something happened and he felt "betrayed", I accept it, it was my friggin fault and I felt bad about it, so I was trying to make it up, I knew this was going to be hard, and we were doing just fine, I never denied him anything. So, yesterday we went to a club and we were having fun. But then, damn, I hate when he gets drunk. I got this new jacket, and then he wears it, and I was like: "yeah, ok fine". Some time later I tell him to give it back, he refuses... I know, I know, he was drunk and me too but I was pretty accesible though. Like 20 minutes of struggle arguing about my jacket, he says "but you betrayed me!". I was friggin' ragging inside. We went for something to dinner and talking to him I said: "Fine, you want the jacket? Have it, but we're even, so FLUNK you if you bring it again" and he was ok with that. So if he brings it back again I swear to the most sacred thing I'll punch him so fakkin hard he'll black out

I liked that jacket, maybe too much.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The heck I am?

Muchas veces siento que no soy nadie, otra veces siento que soy la persona más afortunada de este mundo, y tan solamente saber que soy parte de la estadística a veces me da temor, con más de seis mil millones de personas en este planeta, pareciera que lograr imposibles... es imposible. Sin embargo, me doy cuenta que como los granos de arena del mar, somos incontables, pero cuando uno te entra al ojo, es el grano que más desprecias, o cuando juntas un poco de arena y la guardas como un bonito recuerdo es invaluable el cariño que le tienes al susodicho.

He logrado muchas de las cosas que me he propuesto, otras quedan en el olvido cuando no son más que simples caprichos. Dice un buen dicho: "Todos somos especiales, al igual que todos los demás." Si bien es cierto, también es cierto que el que quiere puede, y si yo quiero, no me importa lo que digan los demás puesto que la satisfacción de mirarlos después a la cara y ver su reacción, no tiene precio. No me retes, porque sales perdiendo. Sí, mido mis peligros, me gusta vivir bajo la certeza de que mis riesgos y probabilidades, pero también, cuando me entra en gana rompo esquemas, rompo cadenas y no tiene caso que me intentes entrar en razón.

Las corazonadas no son mi estilo. Desprecio la música popular en su mayoría. Odio las masas de gente. Adoro el silencio cuando no es incómodo. Me encanta una tarde lluviosa. Soy fan de la madre naturaleza en todo lo que cabe, desde una flor que se abre, hasta un huracán y más alla. La cultura del internet, para mí, es genial. Guardo cuanta basura se me atrievese en las calles que me llame la atención. Me gusta perderme, así como que me pongan atención. Soy despreciable. Soy un tierno cuando se me da. Me encanta el Heavy Metal en español.

Soy... Soy yo.

Friday, August 19, 2011

First Entry

A while ago, I tought blogs were stupid, useless and maybe boring, I'd never use a blog. That changed. I was surfing through a facebook profile and I arrived to this blog, I dunno why, but I think the most wonderful post ever made. It was about a girl I like and she was describing sort of a love story, and I though "I WANT THIS".

So here I am, posting over the internet, where I can be as anonymous as I can. My very thoughts were no one can say anything about them, and if they do, Who the heck cares?