Friday, September 2, 2011

I don't wish you enemies part 9

So, now we were working at the same food chain, different schedules though, so I really have to see her, but oh silly me, I was at her stand almost everyday since she was moved to another one at the same mall. I had nothing to do between 2pm and 4pm, so I was there like two hours almost everyday, yeah I know I was wrong but couldn't help it.

Whe May was finishing, My crush on her was bigger than... I don't know, excessively big and I couldn't stand it, so on a Sunday night, some friends came to my house and we got drunk talking about love and relationships, so I decided to go over there on monday and kill all my feelings for her, tell her how much I liked her, and how much I couldn't see her anymore.

On that monday morning I was going to teach her some tips to give a better customer service, so while I was teaching her, we were talking, nonsense talking, like fashion and music things, then I started talking about my feelings for her, how bad I was doing, she was just listening, and didn't say anything, after I was done, she had nothing to tell me, so I left. While I was on the bus to get home she texted me something about her boyfriend being a jerk and I was so sweet with her and how she was confused about the situation. Next day I didn't go to see her, I thought it was over, but she showed up at the coffehouse I was working in. She was with a friend and about to go buy some make up. She told her friend to leave so we could talk, and when we were alone, she asked me for progress. I told her, "you want to see progress?" she nodded, and then I kissed her. She had this wierd smile on her face and left.

I was winning this battle.


  1. YAY! You did it bro!
    Cheers mate!
    And a lot of exclamation quotes of happiness.

  2. Good job man! I'm looking forward to a new post!

  3. Wow, this is great, now I have to read the previous parts! Oh, at least I have a good reason to procrastinate!

  4. Hah, been following this, good job!

  5. waiting for next episodes :)

  6. I'm 21, 20 when this happened