Friday, September 16, 2011

Independence Week

This week we're celebrating Independe Days in many countries in America like Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. Hope you people join the celebration, because everyday is a holiday somewhere in the globe.

Yesterday I went to a party to celebrate Mexican Independence. It was pretty fun we were like 20+ people, on a friend's house. There was beer, lots of whisky, tons of snacks, I was at the jukebox being the dj and mc wannabe.

We were having fun when it started raining, because it was just starting, we didn't care, so we kept dancing and enjoying the party, but oh godly zeus, it began to rain harder and everybody was getting wet, so we decided to move to my friend's other house, it was two blocks away and we had a lot to move, so it was like women in the car, men carrying stuff into the trunks.

We moved everything but chairs and tables, and we had to do a secound trip, our host borrowed us t-shirts so we could change because everybody was almost soup.

We kept drinking and talking, now under a roof, and the I went with a friend who was our designated driver, yeah, always get one of those, to drive some people home and when we got back, there was a girl drunk as totally drunk, whe puked, took a shower with clothes on, she was awful, a friend get in the bathroom with she and helped her to get changed and everything, there was 5 people left: our host, the drunk girl, the girl helping the drunk girl, the designated driver and I. By that time the party was already over. we spent like an hour with the drunk girl and man... It sucked.

Finally we took her to her cousin's home and then was time to drive home everyone else too. When I arrived home it was 7:30am. The moment I opened the door, I ran to sleep.

Everything was fun. Kinda sucky ending, but these kind of things happen.


  1. lmfao well sounds like an interesting evening at least :P

  2. Yeah it started off pretty well, ended up terrible hahaha

  3. Yeah, the ending sucked, but seemed fun.

  4. i used to do this, need to go party some more

  5. ain't nothing worse than babysitting someone who got too drunk

  6. It's a another day more, nothing to celebrate.