Sunday, September 18, 2011

New York Times Day! Sept 18

150 years ago, in 1851,  the first edition of one the most popular newspapers around the world was published, The New York Times. This newspaper started as "The New-York Daily Times".
I don't own this picture. I found it here:

Also, in 1977, the Voyager I ship takes the first picture of the moon and the earth together. Here's that beautiful picture, kinda out of focus but still amazing:

I know it's Sunday, but you know what? I'm already celebrating. Celebreate doesn't mean to get drunk or go to a party, it means to do something enjoyable to mark an occasion, so let's say YAY! and celebrate!


  1. Nice facts, keep up with the good info

  2. That is a really awesome picture!

  3. and to think, 30 some years later, we got a telescope that's taking perfectly clear pictures of a neighbouring galaxy

  4. Cheers! Great picture and I love space.

  5. I've never seen that Voyager picture before. Thank you for sharing it.