Sunday, August 21, 2011

All the hate in the world

Yesterday, dammit, yesterday was an OK night... I've got this friend, a while ago, something happened and he felt "betrayed", I accept it, it was my friggin fault and I felt bad about it, so I was trying to make it up, I knew this was going to be hard, and we were doing just fine, I never denied him anything. So, yesterday we went to a club and we were having fun. But then, damn, I hate when he gets drunk. I got this new jacket, and then he wears it, and I was like: "yeah, ok fine". Some time later I tell him to give it back, he refuses... I know, I know, he was drunk and me too but I was pretty accesible though. Like 20 minutes of struggle arguing about my jacket, he says "but you betrayed me!". I was friggin' ragging inside. We went for something to dinner and talking to him I said: "Fine, you want the jacket? Have it, but we're even, so FLUNK you if you bring it again" and he was ok with that. So if he brings it back again I swear to the most sacred thing I'll punch him so fakkin hard he'll black out

I liked that jacket, maybe too much.


  1. I wish I could understand that first post you made

  2. sounds like you guys have some talking to do.

    you never ever ever ever EVER bring up old shit. You need to resolve the matter the second it bothers you or never bring it up agian.

    interesting life stories man.

  3. I agree with allebanna. Dont stir old shit!