Sunday, August 28, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 4

I thought I was falling in love, but I'll be damned, it was too soon, I'd just talked to her like 4 times, so by know I should wait, at least, that morning got her number, her facebook, and her IM. I remember we talked about movies, there was this talking about The Rite, but I told her I hadn't seen it, our date was on Sunday, and on Tuesday that week, something really strange happend....

That Tuesday I was surfing the internet just like every Tuesday... well, just like everyday, I'm on my pc like 5 hours a day. So I was on my facebook when suddenly out of nowhere a facebook's IM windows pop-up, I've never liked this IM so I was about to close it when I read then name, I was preeeeetty surprised, like when you're watching a predictable horror movie and they're about to open a door and you say: "Meh, the killer isn't in  there" and they don't open that door, i was that surprised, so I opened the IMbox and talked to her a while, she asked me out to the movies, I was like when you see your favorite football team score a point to win the game, so I was ok, We agreed to go out next day, on Wednesday movies are cheaper, it was our second date, so I really didn't try any "move", also, I wanted to watch the movie. We laughed, we talked and I took her to her home, it was a nice day... maybe too good.