Thursday, August 25, 2011

Failing School

I truly like my schedule, I'm in school like 4 hours a day and it's fun, the bad part is when i have to wake up before 6 am to get to school on time, my first class begins at 7am

We began this semester, like three weeks ago, and I arrived at 7am like... 6 times out of 10. The worse part is: This teacher is counting absences, and in the fisrt day she said "4 absences and you're out." I guess I'm failing this subject.

Wish me luck.


  1. If you explain to them the difficulties involved in arriving on time 9/10 times they will let you off :)
    Interesting blog looking forward to more!

  2. Best of luck, School schedules suck!

  3. agreed, tyou can only wake up earlier bro :/

  4. school schedule keeps everyone down man, good luck I have the same problem too :P. +followed

  5. Good luck man.. I know the feeling just try to wisely save your 4 absences permission for the end of the semester to party on earlier.