Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't wish you enemies Part 2

After she thanked me, I went back to my friends, They laughed and I laughed too, because I wasn't really up to something. I just wanted to show them I did have balls, because none of them wanted to stand up and talk to her, not even a single word.

Days kept passing and when I passed by the food court I waved, and she waved back, I still didn't know her name so I was going to get it on Valentine's Day and February 14th finally arrived. The only present I bought was a red flower, it was for her, I went to the food court and she was talking to her manager. I decided to wait a few minutes, but the guy didn't leave. So I went to that stand and asked the manager if I could talk to her a few moments. I gave her the flower and asked her name, her name was so frigging beautiful to my ears, then I told her I had been thinking about her. She smiled and I left. Everything went better than I expected... but the story still goes on.

See you soon.


  1. sounds good, good luck for the next. thanks for the comment.

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